Accent Your Home With Simple Home Improvements

gfciyckhIf you’re your home’s resident handy man, or even if you are a novice, but you want to give home improvement a try, there are options out there that can cut your costs by sometimes hundreds of dollars. Factory direct building materials are less expensive than the same materials you might pick up at the hardware store. You can even order them online and have them sent straight to your front door. This money saving strategy is worth looking into even if you’ve hired a contractor to do the work. There are lots of projects where buying factory direct just makes sense.

Redoing your kitchen cabinets is a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a facelift. Shopping factory direct for your new cabinets will help you do it on the cheap. If you aren’t sure what look is right for your update; there are several styles to choose from. Wood cabinets add warmth to a kitchen: cherry, oak, birch, and maple will all give you a different look. If you’d prefer laminate, there are plenty of styles, colors, and finishes to choose from. You can also browse different styles of hardware to give your kitchen a makeover that reflects your home’s personality. You’ll be amazed at the improvement you see when you replace the cabinets you’ve seen everyday with something fresh and new.

Glass block is a terrific material that can be had for a song when you buy factory direct. Adding a glass block window in a dark room will work wonders for the space, opening it up with welcoming natural light. Glass block walls are excellent room dividers if you want to distinguish space without cutting up the landscape of your home. The bathroom is another room where a glass block addition would be welcome. You can pick up a kit and put together a sparkly new shower stall that will allow you to cast off that moldy vinyl curtain for good. These versatile gems are also lovely around your foundation vents or as basement windows-they really complement the garden border from outside, and inside they let in light without sacrificing privacy or security. As basement windows, glass blocks are also a god way to safeguard against leaks if you get a lot of rainstorms. There are all sorts of prefabricated kits you can buy that will match any project you can dream up, or if you have designed something original, you can get glass blocks with the holes already drilled to save you time. You might also consider acrylic blocks as an inexpensive option that has the look of glass.

Adding a skylight is another way to wake up a tired room. These will allow you to use less electricity by filling the room with natural light, and can even save on your home heating bills if you plan right. Solar tubular skylights are a newer product that allows you to enjoy the sun’s natural light and radiant heat long after the evening has fallen. Solar tubular skylights do not collect potentially damaging moisture, which can be a concern with traditional skylights. Whichever you choose, buying factory direct is a terrific way to save money.