Contractor Heating and Cooling System Guide

The heating and cooling systems you use in your home apply complex mechanisms in accomplishing those two important tasks. They, therefore, need to be maintained by a trained and experienced technician. You need to take the time to find the right contractor that will help you ensure these systems are functioning as they should. Here are a few tips on how to find the best heating and cooling contractors.


The first thing you need to check is that they have a license. The licensing requirements may vary from state to state. Sometimes, even municipalities may have their licensing rules. You contractor should be in a position to provide you with this information on request. Your local government website may have tools you can use to verify the authenticity of the information they provide.

Licenses ensure that your HVAC contractor has the necessary training and experience. For example, most licensing rules require technicians to have two and a half years on the job experience. The technicians are also required to have the experience working with refrigeration systems. Since 1992, the law demands that to operate an HVAC system one has to have refrigeration certification.


References can help you gauge the competence of your HVAC expert. The contractor should be in a position to provide a list of recent client’s. Go ahead and call these clients and find out what their experiences were like working with the contractor. You may call clients that have had a similar problem to get more relevant insights.

You may also want to check online reviews. There are many sites online that have reviews from clients with local contractors. Some of the sites include Yelp, BBB and Angie’s list. Pay attention to negative reviews and the specific things people are complaining about.

Provide Quotes

Sometimes repairing your home heating and cooling systems can be costly. You need to find quotes from several companies. You can get a fairly good deal this way. However, avoid making your decision based on prices alone.

Type Of System

Make sure your contractor has the training and expertise to deal with your specific system. If you are using the latest technology in cooling and heating, make sure the contractor has had experience working with the same system. This experience is necessary to ensure they can address the issue quickly and effectively.

Tax Rebates

Certain cooling and cooling systems may be eligible for tax rebates. Ask the contractor for more information. The company can outline the systems that qualify for rebates and give you an outline of what is required. Proper documentation on the part of the contractor is necessary for when you have to seek compensation from the federal government.

Additional Info

It is always important to ask questions and seek clarification. Do not be shy about asking as many questions as you need answers for. Ensure that the contractor can provide extra information. Some of the information you should have in writing includes; the start and completion date of the project, the payment schedule as expected by the contractor. The HVAC company should be in a position to outline their dispute resolution process. Check if the company has liability insurance and other necessary documents.


Once the service provider provides all the necessary information, it is important that you both sign on the dotted line. Your contract should include the agreement you have with your contractor. Some of the terms should include things like the scope of the project and the completion date. Make sure the agreement includes all the applicable details for the sake of clarity in the event that you have a dispute with the company.

Written by APM Construction Services, a construction and home maintenance company that is the best choice for heating and cooling Columbia, MO has to offer.