Follow the Given Steps for Repairing Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater is installed in most of the households these days, which requires time to time repair and maintenance. This article will help you to know the various steps that you need to follow while repairing them. In case, you find that the heating is not enough or not heating at all, then you need to replace the heater.

Turn off the power

To start with you must turn off the power switch available in the control panel. It will be good to put a tape over the switch, so that no one switches it on by mistake. You must also ensure that power has really been switched off, by checking it with the help of any multi meter. This is very important for your safety.

Open faucet of hot water

While turning off your supply of water open the hot water faucet so that some of the water present may be siphoned out of your heater.

Drain heater

Use Philips screw driver to remove the screws fitted in the bottom of the heating chamber plate so that you can help to drain out all the water present in the heater. Replace the plate after draining out the water.

Remove wires

Remove red and black wires fitted with heating element by opening the screws.

Remove old element

With the help of adjustable wrench loosen the heating element and also cover the heating element with some piece of cloth so that water may not fall in the control board. Now remove the element together with O ring fitted with heater.

Seat new O ring

Make sure that new O ring is properly placed on the new heating element and with the help of proper tool install the assembly in the heater. The element should be properly tightened.

Replace wires

Now with the help of your Philips screw driver connect the red and black wires of heating element.

Turn on water supply

Now tighten the drain plug screw and then turn on the water supply. Check the water around the drain plug and heater element.

Dry control board

There should be no water present in the control board and if you notice any trace of water then by using hair dryer blow hot air on it, so that it may dry out. Take some time to make sure that water has fully dried out. Water drop may create insulation problem when you power on the heater.

Fill up water and switch on the heater

Now refill the water and make sure that there are no leakages. If everything is fine then turn on the power switch and check the water temperature.

Important point to note

Sometime after turning on your heater you may get alarm sound with certain error code in the display after tankless water heater repair San Diego. This means there is presence of moisture in the control board and hence your heater has been disabled. In such case, recheck for any leakage of water and dry the heater again thoroughly and restart again.